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From guitarists throughout the years

Some of the many players that owned, played, recorded with a Michael Gee Guitar include;

Robert Brightmore, David Russell, Gordon Crosskey, ​Stanley Yates, Allan Neave, Tino Andersen, Paulo Amorim, Graham Devine, Stepan Rak, Hubert Kappel, Mario Ulloa Sean Shibe, Tomasz Zawierucha, Lars Rosvoll, Vickers Bovey Duo - Julian Vickers - Daniel Bovey, Mela Guitar Quartet - Matthew Robinson - George Tarlton - Jiva Houston - Daniel Bovey, Housden-Tarlton Duo, Selina Madeley, Xue Fei Yang, Jens Franke, Jorgen Skogmo, George Tarlton, Jose Luis Gonzalez, William Lovelady, Domenico Del Giudice, Leif Wiklund, Marie Madeline Bobet, Gerard Verba, John Arran, Matthew White, Jarl Stromdal,  Didier Pratt,  Robert Mackillop, Simon Dinnigan, John Feeley, Vassilis Tigirides, Phillip Thorne MBE, Seigfried Hogenmüller, Frederick Lawton, Tiago Da Neta, 

Testimonials: About

Phillip Thorne MBE

I have been playing Michael Gee guitars for over a decade and a half.

Over this period the characteristic sound, one of real projection, volume and rich sonority, has been refined to give a new level of focus and musicality.  This has taken an already world class guitar to a new level capable of an astonishing variety of sounds, from the quietest pianissimo to as loud as you like.  The only limit is your imagination and a need to refine your technique to match the intimacy of the instrument. A real partnership.

I have owned 25+ concert guitars, from a range of top makers

My latest, based on the Hauser shape is, without doubt, the very best guitar I have ever played.

The new Gee is a guitar of now, with an infinitely clear link to the sound world of the great instruments of the past.

Guitar Lecturer  (Retired) 

Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama/ Royal Conservatoire of Scotland  -  1978-2016


 Tino Andersen

I have known Michael Gee for more the 30 years and have since played his guitars.
During this time I also bought a Daniel Friedrich guitar, but must admit that I most of the time is playing my Gee guitar. Just can’t live without that beautiful warm, clear, powerful and beautiful sound!
Concert artist for Augustine strings


Allan Neave

I have been playing Michael’s guitars for a number of years now and found them to be

balanced with great projection and tone.  They are well set up and easy to play in all registers

and have an unparalleled sustain across the range.  Amongst the best concert guitars in the world.


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